A lot of common people may wonder what the difference between the two is when both basically provide the same type of service. This may come a bit surprising to someone who has no idea and makes the deciding part a little more challenging.
When looking for a painting company or contractor for your project, the commercial and residential companies may look very identical thus you end up contacting the wrong provider for your project. But if you do a closer look, there are a few important insights before you take the plunge and decide.

What material are to be painted?
House painters or contractors generally focus on residential painting specifically homes and living spaces while commercial painters work more with industrial types used in businesses. A simple analogy on this is that house painters will work best with materials usually found in home-building like wood and siding. Commercial painters, on the other hand, may have a wider range of materials such as concrete, stucco, metal, aluminium, stainless steel, and all other typical materials used at home. It is advisable to consult your painter with A1A West Palm Beach regarding his experience in the painting a specific material so you would know if he is the right fit for the job.

How big is the project?
Usually, the scale of work in a commercial project is much larger than a typical home, so it requires more complex preparation and manpower that may not be readily available for a residential painting contractor. Commercial painting companies normally will be ready to complete larger jobs and come equipped with all tools, equipment, and materials. On the other hand, check with a reliable painter with A1A West Palm Beach, if the project is doable on their end. Also, if you’re looking for good savings and has no deadline to rush, most residential painting company is willing to step up to the challenge. They can subcontract for additional workers but the quality should not be compromised as indicated on the contract.

What is your deadline?
This can be a turning point question, as most residential painting company will only work within the daylight business hours/days. It may present challenges as small or home businesses are open at the same time for their customers. The best painter A1A West Palm Beach should be adaptable to fit your schedule with the right equipment to work at night and have the ability to work during weekends when needed.

What kind of supplies and materials will be needed for project completion?
You may now know this readily but a contractor can give the right recommendations. Some buildings or structures will require other protective coatings to withstand more wear and tear than common ones. For example, baseboards require a darker shade with a glossy finish due to the high probability of catching dirt than the rest of the wall. The right painting contractor will know everything you need in this perspective.

Will you need more than just painting works?
Preparation may require more effort than what you may have perceived. Typical house painters require that the area is paint ready. Our trusted painters at A1A West Palm Beach can give you information if other needs may be required like epoxy flooring or coating, sandblasting, power washing, sanding or any specialized surface preparations.