Lighthouse point painting contractor delivering professional services to painting ventures in residential, industrial and commercial. Whether you’re in your bedroom or your whole home looking for a fresh coat of paint, our painters are available for every need.¬†

The painters and his team not only paint the buildings ‘ interior and exterior but also provide their clients with outstanding paint removal services.  

He knows how a well done paint job can turn a home or business into an attractive spot for tourists or clients.

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We will first plan the wall that will be painted on before the actual process of house painting starts. We’ll wash the walls to remove any lead that might be present on the concrete. You should also smooth the floor, so that the walls do not become uneven.

When working on a newly built home, you must rest assured that the walls have already been repaired. Each day you should spray and wash the walls with a hose to cut the healing time in half for a faster cure. Nonetheless, when working on an existing home, you need to be more vigilant, because the surface is more vulnerable to molds and mildew.

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You will also remember that these types ‘ walls are more vulnerable to imperfection. We are vulnerable to peeling and chipping too. In addition, the walls will need to be pressed and washed to ensure that dirt and old paint will fall off. Power washing the walls of your home will ensure there is no residue left on the wall before you start painting.

You also eliminate the risk of injury from falling off the ladder or scratching the back by misuse of the paint rollers. Also, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up, or about the preparatory work needed for a quality job, when the project is complete. You’re also sure to end up with a finished project that is much higher in terms of quality than if you’ve done the job yourself, and you can potentially save money in the end.