It’s not uncommon to find people who don’t know the difference between residential and commercial areas. Because you may not know the difference, you may find yourself in a sticky situation where you have decided to hire the wrong company for your project.
When you’re looking to hire a paint company, its highly important to know the difference because they both look like they do the same job and the same work rate. While both, commercial and residential companies does the same work, which is to paint properties, they do operate on a different scale.

What material are to be painted?

Residential paint companies would focus more on getting house and smaller properties painted, whereas commercial paint companies would put their focus onto bigger properties like, schools, hospitals, hotels, factories, etc… Residential companies are also best for getting house properties and small buildings painted because they’re use to the material and paint they use. They are both paint companies, but the one type of company may not know what the next one knows, or have the same level of skill for everything as the next. That is why it’s important to know the difference and consider all these facts before you hire a company.

How big is the project?

Usually commercial companies perform projects on a much bigger scale and requires more complex skills and manpower to perform the projects they do. However, these companies may not be available to perform jobs for residential hiring. They may not also have the necessary equipment to perform a duty for a residential type projects. So if you’re looking to paint your home, its best to go with a residential paint company overall. A good thing to remember is that residential paint companies work mostly during work hours, but the best paint companies you would find would adapt and work around your schedule, this also depends if they have the right equipment to perform it during later hours.

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