Difference Between Enamel, Latex And Acrylic Paints?

Painting can be a very complex feature to add to your property. And even choosing which paint types to go for, can be a brain buster, especially if you don’t have any field experience. Here is good news however, because everything is known to our company at A1A Painting Contractors. We can bring forth what you need on the painting side of things, we exist to make things easier for you. For decades, our business has been running and continues to thrive. In our fields, we are all skilled and well qualified. There has never been a time when the work we did, failed to surprise our clients.

What’s The Difference?

Since we are a big company, mixing in the technicalities of things in our company can be easy for anyone. So we want to ease your mind by explaining a few things and explaining the difference between acrylic, latex and enamel paints.

A good start would be to say that enamel paints are oil-based paints. They have a higher degree of durability with a draw back that fade or discolour over time.
Acrylic paints are simply water-based paints added to as a binding agent by acrylic.
Latex paint is only good old water-based paint, the paint does not contain any latex.

You might be confused to why this is even a thing. Well, acrylic, latex or enamel-denoted paints often come with an added benefit. This can be an increase in durability, resistance to flames or even growth against molds.

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