Painting contractor West Palm Beach: The color chooses you

As a long-standing Painting contractor West Palm Beach and with many years in the field of painting, we have come to realize that each color is unique. No, we do not just mean in appearance, but in meaning too. Each color, from blue to red to coquelicot (try saying that 5 times fast) is unique in the fact that it has eventually gained an affinity to certain tropes and topics.

As such, we often have a special connection to each color, having a piece of ourselves or the color itself reflected in our personality. As the best Painting contractor West Palm Beach has to offer, we like giving our clients all the details we possibly can. As such, here is the is a quick synopsis of each color and its meaning, with these colors being of the more popular choices we find chosen by our clients.


Red, hot, passionate; red is often times used to represent power, energy, heat, and desire. Bright and vibrant in some shades while darker in others, it is also used to serve as a danger warning or to represent anger. Red can be considered the anti-thesis to blue, which is the next color we’ll be covering.


Security, peace, and tranquility; blue serves as the opposite to red in both its mellow nature and meaning. Any painting contractor West Palm Beach will tell you the same thing, it is really hard to go wrong with blue. Blue is often also used as the color of masculinity and used to represent fear and coldness.


Nature, new, healing and Earth; green is abundant in nature and is a naturally soothing color. From bright to dark, we always recommend green if you are looking to add a hint of peace and tranquility to your home.


Purity, innocence, and goodness; white is a widely popular color for a variety of reasons. One of them being its connection to primarily positive virtues and ability to work with almost anything and everything on the color spectrum. We recommend white if you want a smarter, more sleek look to match your darker, more striking colored furniture or additions. It also represents isolation and emptiness.


One of our favorites here at Painting contractor West Palm Beach due to both its simplicity and meaning, gray represents intelligence, security, and reliability. Working excellently with black and white as well as gold, we recommend it as both an additional piece and main setting. Also represents conservative and gloomy moods and natures.

Need a Painting contractor West Palm Beach? Well look no further than us, the best painters money can buy. With an intricate understanding of colors and their meanings, we bring life and meaning to any home we touch with skill, speed, and precision. Contact us today for a free quote or leave your details online and we’ll contact you!