The color chooses you

As a professional paint company, Painting Contractor West Palm Beach, we know that every color has its own uniqueness and story to tell in terms of its meaning behind why you felt the need to choose that specific color. There is beauty in every color, literally. It all depends on how you make it work and how you come about designing your area for those specific colors.

Likewise, every color means something to us. Maybe an experience we had and those colors often remind us of that time, or they just reflect our personalities, but whatever it is, we like giving our clients all the details we have on the colors we offer.
Here is a synopsis and meaning of each of the most popular colors you’d find:


Red is a bright and vibrant color. It is a color that you can’t ignore once you see it. It represents passion, power and energy. It represents a lot of other things, including desire and heat, and the list goes on. Red is a color that you can get very creative with, even though it’s the color of danger warning and represents anger.


Blue represents peace and tranquility. Whenever you see this color, it basically means the opposite of what red stands for. Blue also means security, whereas red stands for danger. Blue is also often used as the color of fear and coolness.


Green you might be able to tell what this one represents. Everything that has to do with the earth and it’s nature, it all falls on the color green. Choosing to go green bright or dark, green is a color we recommend.


White means goodness, innocence and purity. It is one of those colors that could put you at ease in mind because of its virtues look and positive color that it gives off, now we understand why heaven is always depicted with angels in white costumes and white clouds and everything. White is a smart color to go for when choosing it for your home, it really helps your darker furniture colors pop more and the two can blend in so nicely, regardless of the color you choose, because white can go with absolutely anything. But one more thing you have to be aware of, white also means isolation and emptiness, so its important you know how to choose your colors and designs when you go for the color white in your home.


Grey is a personal favourite at Painting Contractor West Palm Beach. Due to grey being such a simplistic color, it really knows how to blend in with other colors, especially white, gold and black. We recommend it as both an additional piece or main setting.

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