That Get It Right

We want to introduce you to Painters In West Palm Beach, a company that will be your helping hand in times of your home renovations.
Anybody with a skillful or decent set of hands, can easily paint a house, but can that person do it professional or do it the right way?
We know that painting is a simple task, but with so much hassles and things to consider for just painting your house, like moving furniture out, covering immovable furniture/equipment, covering the floor, etc. this can be a hefty task. But why don’t you save yourself some time and energy and give the load for us to handle. With affordable pricing and great value, you would be crazy not to accept our offers.

Who Are Painting Contractors?

A painting contractor is a service provider working in the property maintenance industry. Painting contractors are fully experienced and they are the know it all guys when it comes to painting and mixing. Painting contractors can perform any difficult task with ease.

​Spotting a Professional Painter/Painting Contractor?

Painters In West Palm Beach is not just qualified on paperwork, but we are qualified in a professional way as well, with experience to proof that it’s true. With a team that is skillful and talented in the area of painting, your property won’t fail to be recognized by anyone that passes.

What exactly will they do?

Paint contractors will paint any home, whether it’s a big home or a small property, these contractors aren’t shaken by any challenge. Contractors are also not phased by big projects, but whether you want a smaller/simpler project to be done, Painters In West Palm Beach is always available for that as well.

So you might be wondering, what exactly will paint contractors do, well here’s a list of things we will do:

  • Cover up areas that won’t be painted like windows, kitchen counters, floors and cabinets.
  • Removing electrical plates, doors, lights, and other obstacles.
  • Surface preparation like sanding, scraping loose or peeled off paint, tapping protruded nails for an even surface, wiping tack cloth, etc.
  • Applying two coats of paint for ceilings.
  • Priming new drywall or an interior latex primer if already has paint.
  • Application of two color coats on the walls using interior latex paint.
  • Paint (if necessary) the trims and moldings.
  • Touch-ups for any missed spots.
  • Clean-ups for unwanted drips.
  • A final evaluation with the homeowners.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire West Palm Beach Painting Contractor?

Contractors will come up with a price based on the square foot of the project.
To know if you’re getting a good deal or not, is to compare prices with other companies and see if their figures is your preferred option. But then again, some companies cost more because of their experience and the way they do things. So keep that in mind when choosing who to paint your property.